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Skin Care Corner | Where to Start

I get a lot of questions about what skin care and makeup products to use. Which ones are the best? What will help my acne? How can I make my dark spots go away? What will fix my dark circles or wrinkles?


Here's my skin care philosophy:

  • Use what WORKS for you
  • Try new products as something runs out
  • Get professional treatments as you can

Using products at home is important. Getting professional treatments is also important in making the changes you want. I know not everyone's budget allows for both so if you can only do one, go with what you would use 365 days a year.
Whether you're just starting out or if what you're using is no longer working for you, go with a cleanser and moisturizer that will bring your skin into balance (or keep it balanced). There are twos systems at work on your skin: skin cells coming to the surface then shedding and oil production. These two systems have to stay in balance or skin stays rough, too oily or pores get clogged causing breakout. Only using products focused on controlling oil and clearing breakout often dry out the skin, making it compensate by over-producing oil keeping the cycle going. On the flip side, applying rich cleansers and creams for moisture without exfoliating dead skin results in skin that feels dry again 1-2 hours after putting products on.

Once you get your 2 basic products figured out, then add in treatments for what ails you. Serums, masks and exfoliants are the change makers in the skin care world. You will get the biggest bang for your buck here so budget accordingly. If that means drugstore cleanser/moisturizer to be able to afford a professional correcting product, then go with that. When I was working with clients in a treatment room, I'd see a lot of sticker shock. Sometimes a product is flat out expensive. Other times, it's just as cost-effective (maybe more so) when you factor in how active the product is and how often you'd need to buy it.

The key is...use what works for you, stop buying what doesn't and pay attention to the effectiveness of what you get, for what you pay.

My two favorite product lines are Eminence Organic Skin Care and Rhonda Allison Clinical Skin Care. I've also heard good things about Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts.

If you're an Omaha area local, these are my favorite aestheticians to visit for treatments or up close and personal product recommendations: Kristine at Face2Face in LaVista, Bethany or Candise at Lovely Skin SpaExpress or New U Spa & Skin.

Here's to happy skin!