green eyes

Makeover Monday | Fancy Face


It's time to be fancy! Whether you're getting dolled up for prom, wedding season or a night on the town, figuring out your best dramatic makeup look is as unique as you are. Pinterest is a great place to start for ideas just be sure you tailor the concept to your features.

Jentry's eyes will always be her focal point. No matter what lip color she's wearing, your eyes will be always be drawn up to hers. So we went for it. Super dramatic winged eye shadow, liquid liner and bold mascara. Plus she has fantastic hair!


The Makeup: bb creme | primer for large pores | loose mineral foundation | bronzer | blush | brow powder | creamy beige shadow | warm matte green shadow  | deep green shadow for contour | shimmer cream shadow to highlight | liquid black liner | volumizing black mascara |peachy lip gloss


Jentry had to jet to a Campus Life club and be Mary, mother of Jesus so I went back over her eyes with my blending brush to soften it all. If you want to do dramatic eye makeup, you NEED a blending brush. Something fluffy and tapered. They can erase so many mess ups. I use this one and this one. Let me know if you need an eye blending brush!

Makeover Monday | Samantha

Over the weekend I spent some time with 60 Nebraska women learning about the uniqueness in each of us. We are all wired with talents and passions that are specific to us as individuals. I was asked to teach a couple workshops on Saturday: Makeup that Brings Out the Best You | What to Wear. I had a BLAST!

Samantha was so kind to be my model during the makeup class. Her usual makeup routine involves some sort of foundation, bb creme or tinted moisturizer all over to even out her skin tone. That's it. I was super excited to have free reign with Samantha's look! My goal was to teach all the steps someone could do in everyday makeup.


The Makeup: bb creme blended full face and neck | loose powder foundation | bronzer | light peachy pink blush | brow powder to define eye brows | matte mauve mid tone eye shadow | deep brown eye shadow for more crease definition | pale coral lip gloss | volumizing black mascara