Weekly Review | Jamberry Nails


I love the look of polished nails. There's something sophisticated and finished about them and I always feel a little more put together when I take the time to do it. My polish usually only lasts 1-2 days though before the wear is obvious. *sigh* I'm also a fan of Shellac nail polish so I do like to treat myself to a manicure every now and then.

I wanted to try Jamberry nail wraps from the first time I heard of them. A friend tried them out at a party then went on to refinish her kitchen cabinets that week. Aside from stained fingers, the wrap held up through the whole process. I've also tried them about 5 times now and am definitely a fan. A variety of patterns, zero drying time and minimal visible wear is my jam. There's a bit of a learning curve to doing them on yourself and I've done a better job each time so don't get discouraged! This video was helpful for figuring out how to apply and remove them. A couple other tricks I picked up are: file your nails to the shape you want before applying a wrap and tug on the excess to smooth out any bubbles before trimming and filing.


  • the wraps offer zero drying time
  • choose a different print for each nail
  • polishes coordinate with colors in wraps
  • lasts 1-4 weeks


  • definitely a learning curve
  • need a few extra tools than just remover and cotton wipes

I'll definitely be using these wraps for my DIY manicures. They have kiddo size wraps and Emalyn (3) loves to put sprinkle stickers on her nails. We're so fancy!