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Pro Tip | Hard Water Woes

About 8 months ago my family moved to a city with hard water. Not deal breaker for us but a scenario I wasn't used to. I have thick hair and a ton of it so it doesn't take much to weight it down. I've noticed it gets dirty, faster. I'm not a hair DIYer so I want to be sure that when we spring for the good hair stuff, those products are doing all they can to get us our money's worth.

I did a little digging to learn more about what causes hard water and what it does to hair.
Soft water turns to hard water when it seeps into sediment layers in the ground, loosening minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Iron. Those minerals then move along with the water eventually getting to the plumbing in our homes and depositing on our hair and skin. This build up makes it difficult to rinse shampoo completely out of hair and it can require more shampoo to clean in the first place. On the skin, it's also known to trigger eczema. It builds up on skin making it difficult for moisturizing ingredients to do their job.

After all that gloom and doom, I sought out stylist, Lacey Ward from The Parlor in Esquire Salon, for some tips and tricks to battling hard water on hair.

RMA | Will washing my hair in hard water affect any professional hair treatments I get?
LW | If you are have chemically treated hair, it is very important to tell your stylist about your hard water. They have to know what they are working with. The minerals in hard water can turn your hair brassy, orange if you let it. It is very harsh and requires constant attention. You can deal with it, but the next time you wash your hair, it comes back with a vengeance. You need to stay on top of it.

RMA | So what can I do about it? How do I treat it?
LW | As a stylist, I use a treatment called Malibu under the dryer to open the cuticle and pull all the deposits out. You can also try a special stripping shampoo like this one. If you have blonde locks, you can use a purple shampoo to counteract the brassiness. This is my favorite. There are home remedies that definitely work; however, if you have chemically-treated hair, use caution because these will pull out whatever chemical you put in (color, perm or treatment). Dawn dishwashing soap is the ultimate stripper of all things bad. You can mix lemon with it and do wonders for getting anything out of your hair.

You bet I will be trying a Dawn with lemon concoction in the near future along with Original Minerals Detox Shampoo. What have you tried? Hits or misses?