5 minute makeover

Pro Tips | 5 minute face

I try to put in at least a little effort to get ready everyday even if it's a stay home with the kiddos schedule. Usually I can manage to change clothes + brush my teeth + curl or straighten my hair (unless it held over from the day before) + this 5 minute face. (I timed it!)

As a general rule, these 5 makeup steps will make the biggest difference for most women. If you try it out and feel like it doesn't quite work for you, shoot me a no makeup picture and we'll chat.

Update ~ Shaggy brows have been waxed and groomed after these pictures were taken.


Step 1 ~ Even out skin tone | 1 :30
Foundation in all formulas should give you an even palate to work with. Don't count on it to give you color, that's what blush and bronzer are for. For me this means tinted moisturizer/bb creme (Light) if we're staying around the house or loose powder mineral foundation (Porcelain).


Step 2 ~ Highlight your cheeks and cheekbones with bronzer or blush | 0:30
Some skin tones look most natural with a pinky blush while others need to go with a bronzer. Try both out to see what seems to match your natural flush. Usually I do a muted pink blush (Mimosa). If you're unsure, feel free to send me a pic!


Step 3 ~ BROWS | 0:30
Whether you wax, tweeze, sugar, tint, draw on, tattoo, or fill in, be sure that your natural brow shape is well defined. Eyebrows frame the face and definitely draw others' eyes to your own. Plus it gives you a great outline for where to put eye shadow when you want to do more. I use a clean, disposable mascara wand to brush them in the direction they grow, then a flat, angled brush with a cool, deep brown eye shadow (Brunette).


Step 4 ~ Mascara | 2 minutes
Next to eyebrows, mascara will do the most to help you look awake and refreshed. Fake it 'til you make it. Find a mascara you love and take the 2 minutes to do it right. My all time favorite for everyday is Blinc Amplified (Black).


Step 5 ~ Lips | 30 seconds
Lip gloss or lipstick will give instant warmth and color. The color you pick is of course up to you just be sure it compliments your skin tone. Pay attention to your natural lip color to determine if you need something super sheer or more pigmented. My go to is a mid-tone pink (Parfait) with no shimmer, just shine.

I'd love to see a photo of your 5 minute face! If you want to try any of the products I use, send me a note and we'll set up a time to play with colors that are right for you!

Makeover Monday | Heidi

#1 tip for fresh makeup...pay attention to your unique features. Makeup applied in the wrong spot or the wrong color can have the opposite effect you're looking for. For eye makeup, less does more.

Heidi is a giving grandma and mother-in-law who needs makeup that can handle playing on the floor with her grandsons.


Heidi's concerns: visible pores and a ruddy skin tone. she doesn't wear much makeup so it MUST look natural.

My goals: give this fun grandma a fresh-face with a couple eye tricks to draw attention up


the makeup: bb creme in t-zone and center of the face | tinted primer over visible pores in t-zone | mattefying powder | deep bronzer for a little definition | tightlined eyes with deep brown | filled in brows | mascara (top lashes only) | warm pink lip gloss

Lip Service

I have a confession.

I've fallen back in love with lipstick.

For years, I've been a lip balm or lip gloss girl. Lipstick was for moms and old ladies. Well, I'm now a mom and old by college student standards so it's time to join the club.

Lipstick is my new favorite addition to my grown up makeup bag. It's the easiest way for me to add color and interest to my makeup routine with the least amount of effort. I can do it in the car! I still love to play with dramatic eye makeup but that takes more time than I have on a daily basis.

Look at me all grown up. Crazy how the little splash of pink makes my skin tone look warmer and less dead.
What's your go to product to look-like-you-put-in-more-effort-today?

Makeover Monday | Jan

In favor of keeping it real over here, I did a little makeover on myself to give you all an idea of what everyday looks like for me.

Makeup took about 5 minutes minus mascara. I was trying out a new one that has a bit of a learning curve so that added an extra 3-4 minutes. Hair took about 15 minutes and it was all done together because the babies decided to sleep until 9:00am. What?!! Otherwise this would be spread out over breakfast and naptime.

My Goals: even out a droopy eyelid (left eye), look like I got more than 6 hours of sleep, fake-it-til-you-make-it, and get it all done before a kid needs something.

Makeup: Tined Moisturizer | all-over mineral powder foundation | blush on apples of the cheeks only | copper eye shadow to balance out eyelids | skin tone shimmer shadow on lid and brow to blend | bright, sheer pink lip gloss so I look alive | mascara after curling lashes

Hair took about 15 minutes. This is an everyday style for me because it lasts 2-3 days before I wash and do it again. It was already dry so I did a little Aquage Sea Extend Silkening Oil then curled with my super fancy Conair clamp curling iron. If I have to blow it dry, add another 20 minutes. Then it's not everyday. I'm currently in a wash at night, curl in the morning phase of life. Thanks tiny humans.

Big kudos to these two movie stars. They passed on some pretty good hair genes that can handle washing every 3-4 days. Thanks Mom and Dad!

circa 1976

circa 1976