Pro Tip | Body Scrub

My calendar says 3 weeks til Spring! That means dresses without leggings are not far behind! If winter in your neck of the woods has done to your skin what Nebraska winter does to mine, you're ready for a full body peel!


Not in the budget? Well, I have a few pro tips to get you a bigger bang out of your body scrub.

A sugar scrub has a permanent place in my shower routine. My body lotion works better because it's not fighting through built up dead skin to do its job. Plus it keeps ingrown hairs away. Checkout Tuesday's post about why exfoliation is important if you missed it.

I do prefer sugar scrubs to salt scrubs for a few reasons.

Dual Exfoliation: Sugar is high in glycolic acid. Naturally occurring glycolic acid works to keep skin smooth without any visible flaking. It also helps skin hold onto it's own moisture levels. Physical scrub + natural acid exfoliation =  Salt absorbs moisture which leaves your skin dried out.

Sugar dissolves quickly on damp skin leaving behind oils that make a great shave medium. Scrubbing first lifts the hair up letting your razor get closer. Legs stay smoother longer.

What's your favorite tip for busting dry skin? Try out a scrub. Let me know what you think!