Bits & Pieces | true red

Some of you noticed my new favorite red lipstick from the weekend giveaway. Seems like it took for-e-ver to find it. But alas, it exists!

The perfect red will set off your skin tone making it glow, look brighter and like a more intense version of your natural pout. If it seems like you look a little pasty or orange or sick, it's not the right red tone for you. If you have cool/pink undertones choose a red with a lot of blue in it. For olive/warm tones a coral/orange red is a much better choice. Lighter skin with warm undertones is probably better suited with a bright pink coral. Usually fair skin, light hair will brighten up with a bright pink pop vs a deep red.

Hold tryouts for your best red and report back with your favorite!


My red is Divinity by Mineralogie. I also use their Icon, Devil's Advocate and Pink Popsicle as go to reds for my clients.