Weekly Review | Apricot Whip Moisturizer

Talking about basics for skin care this week. I've been trying out a new moisturizer for about a month. Apricot Whip Moisturizer has been in my wheelhouse for years but it was never quite right for my skin. Now that I have "grown up" skin (aka breakouts are predictable and under control), I decided to give it a try.


Apricots have some fantastic properties for the skin:
     high in iron - bright, vibrant skin
     natural oils - hydrating

This formula also has carrot juice in it for added nutrition and vitamin A.

This moisturizer + my skin


  • smooth skin
  • plump skin
  • lines around my eyes are smaller
  • great for normal skin, maintenance moisturizer
  • smells ahhhmazing


  • leaves a dewy finish (might be a pro for you)
  • a bit too rich for daytime for me - I used a couple drops of water to dilute it

Overall, this is a perfect product for normal skin. If you're in the spot where you don't have specific concerns but do want to keep things great as long as you can, this is for you.