Weekly Review | Best Lip Balm

The opinions in this post are mine. I wasn't paid or perked to give them. Just love to share what I learn.

In the world of lip products there are so many choices. Tinted, clear, stain, matte, shine, sheer, SPF, natural, medicated, moisturizing, beeswax, stick, tube, pot. Take your pick and find what you love.

As an esthetician (and a grown up), ingredients have become super important to me.

Petroleum is in most lip products and it's a tricky ingredient. It acts as a hydrator and protector and does a great job at those two things. However, when it wears off, it takes all the moisture from your lips with it, making you dependent on that product.

We've tried a lot of brands in our house and we've settled on our favorite. That's right, my hubby is in agreement on a favorite lip product!

Reasons we love Eminence Organics Citrus Lip Balm: $26


  • it's the bomb dot com
  • organic
  • no scent/gender neutral
  • heals lips
  • doesn't steal moisture from your lips
  • matte finish so can stand on its own or layer under a gloss if you want it shiny
  • lasts for.ev.er (me-6 months, hubby-1 year)


  • bulky packaging, not great for a pocket
  • pricey up front

If you want to try it, there are quite a few places for us locals in the Omaha area or you can check the link above.