Makeover Monday | Pamela

Pamela is a woman who was created to actually be able to do it all. She has the vision and drive to wear many hats and do them well. Wife, mother to 3 boys and a little girl, business consultant and volunteer.

She came to me ready to find a look to define a new chapter. Bored with her makeup routine and needing a boost to find her new style, we set to work on developing simple makeup steps that will give this professional mama some drama to show off her striking features. 


Pamela's wants: makeup needs to be easy but show that she's a confident woman.

My goals: show off her dramatic brown eyes and give some warmth to her skin tone. She has great cheekbones so we need to highlight those too.

the makeup: loose mineral foundation | deep brown bronzer | deep pink blush | dark purple shadow in crease | gold shadow for highlight | charcoal eye liner | mascara | medium pink lip gloss