Makeover Monday | Heidi

#1 tip for fresh attention to your unique features. Makeup applied in the wrong spot or the wrong color can have the opposite effect you're looking for. For eye makeup, less does more.

Heidi is a giving grandma and mother-in-law who needs makeup that can handle playing on the floor with her grandsons.


Heidi's concerns: visible pores and a ruddy skin tone. she doesn't wear much makeup so it MUST look natural.

My goals: give this fun grandma a fresh-face with a couple eye tricks to draw attention up


the makeup: bb creme in t-zone and center of the face | tinted primer over visible pores in t-zone | mattefying powder | deep bronzer for a little definition | tightlined eyes with deep brown | filled in brows | mascara (top lashes only) | warm pink lip gloss