Makeover Monday | Kristine and Nicole

Sisters are great.

I can say that now that I no longer share a room with my older sister. Weird that being so close in proximity and sharing each other's belongings would be something I pay hundreds of dollars to be able to do now that we live 1500 miles apart. sigh

Kristine and Nicole were so fun to work with. I love that two women who share so much - DNA, an apartment, foundation color - can be so different.

A couple things...These girls are wearing the same foundation color and the same lip color.

And OMG the lashes in this family.


Concerns: Makeup needs to be fast with full coverage.

My Goals: Give this 20 year-old nanny/student an everyday look that's fast, put together and gives her the confidence to be taken seriously. 

tinted bb cream | primer in t-zone | loose mineral foundation, reapplied for full coverage | blushed cheeks | filled in brows | brown and pink smokey eye | mascara | pop of pink lipstick


Concerns: Something a little different that doesn't require eye liner.

My Goals: Make her blue eyes pop and highlight her incredible bone structure. As an aesthetician, she needs a look that people want.

tinted bb cream | primer in t-zone | loose mineral foundation, bronzer to contour | blush for pop | filled in brows | smokey eye in brown and pink | mascara | pink lipstick

So beautiful!