Makeover Monday | Jocelyn

Saturday morning I met with Jocelyn for a teen lesson. She already had my 5 basics down for her daily routine so we built on that. (In case you're wondering, my 5 basics are: even out skin tone, concealer, cheeks, brows, lashes/liner.)

Jocelyn's Wants: She's always had a hard time with eye makeup. All the work she puts in is never seen due to her eye shape. Plus she wants to look more her actual age since most people think she's a lot younger.

My Goals: Jocelyn is 18 so her makeup needs to be young and fresh with a mature vibe to transition from high school senior to college freshman. To open up her gold-brown eyes.


bb creme | under eye concealer | eye primer | bright pink blush on apples of cheeks | brow powder for definition | gold-taupe shadow to create depth | jade-green shadow for interest and to pop her brown irises | white highlight just under brows and on inside corners of eyes | tightlined black powder | mascara | soft pink gloss or bold pink lipstick

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

A few things I LOVED about working with Jocelyn are those eyes and lashes and lips. Beautiful! Her lashes are so long that with mascara they usually hit her glasses so we focused on volumizing and avoided lengthening techniques. Her eye shape is almond with a hooded lid. We brought the crease shadow up higher to create the illusion of more depth. On those lips we chose a soft pink lip gloss for everyday (of course I didn't snap a picture) and then for something fun we did a pop of pink (vs red). Jocelyn will get the most impact for drama by using a bold lip color instead of going for a more intense eye.