Weekly Review | Jamberry Nails


I love the look of polished nails. There's something sophisticated and finished about them and I always feel a little more put together when I take the time to do it. My polish usually only lasts 1-2 days though before the wear is obvious. *sigh* I'm also a fan of Shellac nail polish so I do like to treat myself to a manicure every now and then.

I wanted to try Jamberry nail wraps from the first time I heard of them. A friend tried them out at a party then went on to refinish her kitchen cabinets that week. Aside from stained fingers, the wrap held up through the whole process. I've also tried them about 5 times now and am definitely a fan. A variety of patterns, zero drying time and minimal visible wear is my jam. There's a bit of a learning curve to doing them on yourself and I've done a better job each time so don't get discouraged! This video was helpful for figuring out how to apply and remove them. A couple other tricks I picked up are: file your nails to the shape you want before applying a wrap and tug on the excess to smooth out any bubbles before trimming and filing.


  • the wraps offer zero drying time
  • choose a different print for each nail
  • polishes coordinate with colors in wraps
  • lasts 1-4 weeks


  • definitely a learning curve
  • need a few extra tools than just remover and cotton wipes

I'll definitely be using these wraps for my DIY manicures. They have kiddo size wraps and Emalyn (3) loves to put sprinkle stickers on her nails. We're so fancy!

Makeover Monday | Fancy Face


It's time to be fancy! Whether you're getting dolled up for prom, wedding season or a night on the town, figuring out your best dramatic makeup look is as unique as you are. Pinterest is a great place to start for ideas just be sure you tailor the concept to your features.

Jentry's eyes will always be her focal point. No matter what lip color she's wearing, your eyes will be always be drawn up to hers. So we went for it. Super dramatic winged eye shadow, liquid liner and bold mascara. Plus she has fantastic hair!


The Makeup: bb creme | primer for large pores | loose mineral foundation | bronzer | blush | brow powder | creamy beige shadow | warm matte green shadow  | deep green shadow for contour | shimmer cream shadow to highlight | liquid black liner | volumizing black mascara |peachy lip gloss


Jentry had to jet to a Campus Life club and be Mary, mother of Jesus so I went back over her eyes with my blending brush to soften it all. If you want to do dramatic eye makeup, you NEED a blending brush. Something fluffy and tapered. They can erase so many mess ups. I use this one and this one. Let me know if you need an eye blending brush!

Pro Tips | 5 minute face

I try to put in at least a little effort to get ready everyday even if it's a stay home with the kiddos schedule. Usually I can manage to change clothes + brush my teeth + curl or straighten my hair (unless it held over from the day before) + this 5 minute face. (I timed it!)

As a general rule, these 5 makeup steps will make the biggest difference for most women. If you try it out and feel like it doesn't quite work for you, shoot me a no makeup picture and we'll chat.

Update ~ Shaggy brows have been waxed and groomed after these pictures were taken.


Step 1 ~ Even out skin tone | 1 :30
Foundation in all formulas should give you an even palate to work with. Don't count on it to give you color, that's what blush and bronzer are for. For me this means tinted moisturizer/bb creme (Light) if we're staying around the house or loose powder mineral foundation (Porcelain).


Step 2 ~ Highlight your cheeks and cheekbones with bronzer or blush | 0:30
Some skin tones look most natural with a pinky blush while others need to go with a bronzer. Try both out to see what seems to match your natural flush. Usually I do a muted pink blush (Mimosa). If you're unsure, feel free to send me a pic!


Step 3 ~ BROWS | 0:30
Whether you wax, tweeze, sugar, tint, draw on, tattoo, or fill in, be sure that your natural brow shape is well defined. Eyebrows frame the face and definitely draw others' eyes to your own. Plus it gives you a great outline for where to put eye shadow when you want to do more. I use a clean, disposable mascara wand to brush them in the direction they grow, then a flat, angled brush with a cool, deep brown eye shadow (Brunette).


Step 4 ~ Mascara | 2 minutes
Next to eyebrows, mascara will do the most to help you look awake and refreshed. Fake it 'til you make it. Find a mascara you love and take the 2 minutes to do it right. My all time favorite for everyday is Blinc Amplified (Black).


Step 5 ~ Lips | 30 seconds
Lip gloss or lipstick will give instant warmth and color. The color you pick is of course up to you just be sure it compliments your skin tone. Pay attention to your natural lip color to determine if you need something super sheer or more pigmented. My go to is a mid-tone pink (Parfait) with no shimmer, just shine.

I'd love to see a photo of your 5 minute face! If you want to try any of the products I use, send me a note and we'll set up a time to play with colors that are right for you!

Makeover Monday | Joanna

I'm so happy to introduce you to one of my family's favorite ladies! Joanna can handle our 3 year old + 19 month old twins and make their time something magical. She is a great friend and reminds me so much of my big sister, it's like I'm hanging out with both of them at the same time! It was so fun to spend time together (with no children) and talk about all things makeup and home. (I believe they live in my dream home complete with a secret kitchen pantry.)

Joanna's biggest makeup issue was that she never really knew what to use/do for her eyes. This is usually the number one request for most of my lessons. Her current eye makeup routine involves eyeliner. Done.

Joanna's concerns: what to do when skin starts showing signs of aging. How to take makeup from everyday to date night.

My goals: Keep Joanna looking like the best version of herself. Draw attention to her deep blue eyes. Make sure she doesn't feel painted.

Everyday Makeup: tinted primer | loose powder mineral foundation | creamy concealer | deep bronzer | deep brown shadow for brows | mid-tone brown shimmer eye shadow | mascara | medium true pink lip gloss

Date Night: start with the everyday and add in or substitute | muted medium pink blush | deep purple eye shadow for more defined crease | bold pink lip gloss


Bits & Pieces | true red

Some of you noticed my new favorite red lipstick from the weekend giveaway. Seems like it took for-e-ver to find it. But alas, it exists!

The perfect red will set off your skin tone making it glow, look brighter and like a more intense version of your natural pout. If it seems like you look a little pasty or orange or sick, it's not the right red tone for you. If you have cool/pink undertones choose a red with a lot of blue in it. For olive/warm tones a coral/orange red is a much better choice. Lighter skin with warm undertones is probably better suited with a bright pink coral. Usually fair skin, light hair will brighten up with a bright pink pop vs a deep red.

Hold tryouts for your best red and report back with your favorite!


My red is Divinity by Mineralogie. I also use their Icon, Devil's Advocate and Pink Popsicle as go to reds for my clients.